Our Mission

To empower youth to be active and valued participants in decision making processes at all levels.

What's New at Cal Center

CA Center Supports Youth Led Program as Fiscal Host

The California Center will manage resources for the Bay Area Student Activists (BAStA) to…

The 2018 CA Toast was a success!

On May 29th we invited several female legislators to share stories and insights about women in…

Story of the Month

"The legislative meeting was really memorable, she was very real and human, and it was really eye opening."

- Isabella, NP3 Charter High School (Green Focus)

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The California Roast

The 2019 CA Roast

Who will be the 2019 Roastee??  Updates on our next event coming soon.

The 2019 CA Roast

Welcome to the California Center for Civic Participation!

Cal Center is a non-profit civic education organization, engaging youth by sparking their interest with exposure to real excitement of the democratic process, sustaining it with active, hands-on programs on topics that are meaningful to young people.

Through our programs, thousands of young people have become active players in the public policies affecting their communities, cities and states. In addition to making informed decisions on today’s issues, youth gain the skills to thoughtfully assess questions of tomorrow!

Our Major Programs

She Shares

She Shares is a women's mentoring program that pairs young women with seasoned professional women in the Sacramento area.  The overall goal is to ensure that more women are being supported in their careers and receive additional guidance to achieve their goals. Learn more here.

TCE Youth Leadership

The California Center is a partner in creating opportunities for youth to become leaders within programs and initiatives funded by The California Endowment.  Through this work we support various state-wide projects, events and activities hosted by a number of youth organizations with whom we collaborate with.  Learn more here

Green Focus

This six month program examines some of California's most influential environmental laws while introducing students to the green career sector.  Learn more

Women in Politics

Women in Politics (WIP) is a three-day summer institute for young women from throughout the Sacramento region. Participants get a first-hand look the workings of state politics, focusing on issues affecting women and their communities. Click here to learn more about WIP!


May 28, 2019

The 2019 California Roast

Sheraton Grand Downtown Sacramento, 1230 J Street

A TBD guest will be roasted in front of his/her colleagues at the 38th annual CA Roast.

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