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August 27, 2018

CA Center is looking for Green Focus Program Instructors

We need six to seven program instructors to help us facilitate our environmental program this 18/19 school year.

High school students from the Sacramento area will meet three times this year to learn about California environmental policy and the green job sector.  Youth will explore landmark policies and how they relate to green careers, affordable energy, renewable resources, sustainability, land use planning and conservation.  Green Focus is a program that is meant to educate, inspire and support young community leaders to step up and address climate change in a way that resonates with them.   See our Green Focus page for more information on this program.

We are looking to recruit several young people to help facilitate our three conferences (October 29, 2018- other dates TBD) and help shape curriculum and activities.  Now is your chance to get involved and make an impact on CA youth!  

To apply, click the links below for the job description and application, and submit your application to the email at the bottom of the page.  Program instructors will receive $150 for each conference they help facilitate, with the opportunity to receive additional stipends for assisting with curriculum development.  Applications are due no later than 9/28/2018. 

Job Description

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