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May 15, 2017

Green Focus: Take a look at some direct quotes from students in the program.

Around fifty high school students participate in the Green Focus program every year.  Some of these young folks have been in the program for up to three years!  At our last conference on February 27, 2017, the youth were asked to give their feedback.  Here's what they had to say.

"Green Focus has brought several bills to my attention that previously I would not have taken the time to read.  Now that I'm aware of these bills, I find politics even more interesting and take the time to read into political issues even more.  Additionally, I am more aware of my carbon footprint and have taken steps in reduce it."- Harbeen Mann

"Green Focus has made my high school experience more fun.  A few weeks ago, I had an environmental research paper due and I had so much to say.  The paper didn't feel like work!"- Beili Huang

"Green Focus has made my high school experience much better as I have met new people and been to places that I would have never been to without this program."- Roberto Gomez Lopez

"Right now I am actually thinking of working towards a green job because in the future it will be my children who are suffering from what our forefathers did.  Who better to do this job than someone who genuinly cares?"- Maryam Aslam

"Green Focus made me realize how many people are concerned with the environment politically and socially.  Being aware of the effects we have on the environment made we want to 'go green'.  I thought about the future and imagining how I could raise my family 'green' and pro-environment.  Changing the way we eat and the things we use and how we can affect others."- Acacia Tenette

"Green Focus has helped me understand the legislative branch more."- Maria Hernandez

"Green Focus has broadened my high school experience by allowing me to get involved in environmental issues I would have never known of."- Guadalupe Lopez

"There are many different bills in California that I have never even heard about.  Being in Green Focus has taught me a lot in what is going on in our society and how the environment is changing because of our actions.  Knowing the many different problems we have has motivated me to change the way I do things at home, school, etc."- Salumita Pugach

"Green Focus has taught me that there is a whole team and group of people that care about the environment.  As in legislators and instructors who use their power and voice to change the issues that have an impact on health.  It's nice to know we have a voice on how to help the world around us."- Angela Hagerman

"I feel Green Focus has contributed to my high school experience.  I'm not involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, but I really enjoyed this one.  It has given me a fun and educational opportunity to learn while in high school."- Savannah Cramer-Romero

"Green Focus has been a giant benefit to me.  I've learned to be more conscious of my energy usage and the political legislation that is connected to it.  I've learned about potential jobs that concern our environment.  Green Focus has caused me to look into green engineering."- Juan Luna

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