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June 18, 2010

A Tribute to Our Graduating Seniors

We would like to honor our class of 2010 graduating seniors! Congratulations! You have accomplished so much and we are so proud to have worked with such a hard-working and dedicated group of leaders. See what some of our seniors have to say about their experiences in our programs and what they will be up to next.

My name is Alexis Kelley and I am proud to be a part of the 2010 graduating class of Health Professions High School. I joined the YWHLP three years ago and feel that the YWHLP has given me a voice, not only at the community level, but at the Capitol level as well. I have grown to become a community leader, youth advocate, and a role model for my peers. An important issue in my community is having increased knowledge for sexual health education so my peers can make more informed decisions. Through my involvement with YWHLP, I have impacted my community and myself because I now know that I can make a difference for the betterment of developing generations. Over the summer I plan interning with the California Latino Capitol Association Summer Intern Program. In the fall I am excited about attending San Diego State University in the Honors Program. I will be majoring Psychology and plan to pursue a career as a clinical adolescent psychologist. On my free time I am a shopaholic on a budget. I love keeping up with the latest fashion and I know how to get the most for your buck. As I move forward I will continue to voice my opinions and ideas to others while keeping an open mind. I want to be an inspiration to other youth.

If you are a PLP participant and graduated this year, please take a minute to share some of your experiences with us. Download this form PLP_Senior_Participant_Highlights_Form.pdf and send it to cchwierut@californiacenter.org.

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