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July 23, 2015

Was Jaime Huff a participant in Capitol Focus?

Jaime Huff, Manager of Government Affairs for Southern California Edison was considering a recommendation to support our work.  Later, while tidying up our conference room, I discovered a dusty photo scrap book about a class and their trip to Capitol Focus in 1997. The cover had a young lady that looked a lot like Jaime Huff.  Was it really Jaime? 

It was Jaime Huff!  In 1997, Jaime and her high school classmates came to Sacramento and participted in the Capitol Focus program.  Afterwards, they made a photo scrap book back then and gave a copy to us. Jaime called the Capitol Focus experience instrumental to her career in public service  Jaime Huff graduated from high school, got her BA at American University in Washington DC, and then went on to get her law degree from Baylor. Jaime Huff has worked in Congress and for the California Legislature before landing here with Southern Califorina Edison.

Here is what she said about Capitol Focus:

“Capitol Focus connects California youth to state government in ways that no other program can match.  Their commitment to educate, engage and empower youth, particularly those in underserved communities, creates an early path to state government for emerging leaders.  I participated in Capitol Focus in high school and credit the exposure to Sacramento as the reason I ultimately went into public service.” 

Thanks to Jaime Huff's recommendation, Southern California Edison agreed to support the California Center and Capitol Focus. More importantly, thanks to all of you who participated in Capitol Focus before and after Jaime Huff did.  Jaime Huff now serves on our Advisory Committee with several other prestigious persons who have been touched by our programs in one way or another.  We hope their stories and yours contribute to a robust body of support for our statewide programs. Thanks to all of you!

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