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August 4, 2010

Youth Take Action to Increase Access to Health Services

Riverbank YWHLP and PLPSH youth partnered with Golden Valley Health Centers (GVHC) to build awareness about their Medical Outreach Mobile Health Clinic (also known as MOM). Through the Step by Step Community Youth Activist team, these youth developed a video to build awareness in their community about accessing medical services at the MOM. The MOM is serving as a temporary mobile clinic until the school based health center is built on campus this fall.

You may be asking, how did the MOM get set up at their school? This was not accomplished over night! Youth initiated this work back in 2006 when students surveyed their peers at Riverbank High School and identified that access to appropriate and affordable health care services was a priority for their community. Since then youth have been leading efforts in working with stakeholders and school administration to get a health center on their campus that provides access to the entire community. With the support of GVHC, they have opened the MOM and are currently serving students and community members in Riverbank. They want to continue to spread the word so that more people can take advantage of the medical services offered by the MOM.

To help build awareness, youth worked with GVHC to create the video shown below. Youth wrote the script and directed the video, and GVHC helped with the editing. The video premiered at the first annual Riverbank GVHC Health Fair this past May. The video was shown to over 100 community members at the fair, and we are hoping for more next year!

It has been amazing to see how the youth are changing their community through their efforts to increase access to medical services. Check out their video and let us know what you think. If you would like to get involved or support Riverbank’s efforts, please contact Candace Chwierut at cchwierut@californiacenter.org.

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