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To empower youth to be vital participants in decision making processes at all levels.


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30 Years of Roast History!

You can imagine the history with over 30 years of Roasting the greatest leaders in California! Take a look at the impressive list of Roastees and Roasters since 1982 History of the Roast

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The California Roast

2015 Roastee

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins. Tuesday, May 26, 2015, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento

2015 Roastee

Welcome to the California Center for Civic Participation!

Cal Center is a non-profit civic education organization, engaging youth by sparking their interest with exposure to real excitement of the democratic process, sustaining it with active, hands-on programs on topics that are meaningful to young people.

Through our programs, thousands of young people have become active players in the public policies affecting their communities, cities and states. In addition to making informed decisions on today’s issues, youth gain the skills to thoughtfully assess questions of tomorrow!

Our Major Programs


The Statewide Youth Board on Obesity Prevention (SYBOP) engages youth throughout California as advocates to prevent childhood obesity. Click here to learn more about SYBOP!

Policy Leadership Program

Since 1998, the California Center’s Policy Leadership Program (PLP) has supported youth engaged in real-life research, planning and policy-making processes. Click here to learn more about PLP programs!

Women in Politics

Women in Politics (WIP) is a four-day summer institute for young women from throughout California. Participants get a first-hand look the workings of state politics, focusing on issues affecting women and their communities. Click here to learn more about WIP!

Capitol Focus

Our longest running program, Capitol Focus is a three-day journey into the world of California politics. Participants get a first-hand look at how government works. Click here to learn more about Capitol Focus!

Young Women’s Health Leadership

The Young Women’s Health Leadership Program (YWHLP) engages youth throughout California as advocates to improve the health conditions of women. Click here to learn more about YWHLP!

There are no upcoming events at the moment.

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